It’s time for a Home Loan Check up

For absolutely no reason some people take themselves off to the dentist for a check-up, it’s something they do regardless of the annoyance of having someone poking around your mouth and scraping your teeth. It’s a necessary part of life to ensure that your teeth are kept in good order. And, it’s the same with your home loan, make time for a home loan check-up with Prohomeloan Solutions.

That annoying tooth is not something you can ignore forever, and sometimes in order to make those savings that you want to make it is imperative to take a hard look at what interest rate you are paying and what you should be paying.

If you are paying over 4.68% interest it is time to have a look at restructuring and switching home loans. We will always give the best mortgage advice and direct our clients to the best home loan products that suit their requirements. Home finance is our business, something we do on a daily basis so we can help with renovation, restructuring of investment property, small business loans at home loan interest rates, or preapproval for that all important first home purchase.

If you live in the Beenleigh, or Logan areas, then Prohomeloan Solutions may be able to help some people with low or no deposit home loans. For first home owners in Queensland there are concessions for stamp duty which helps with the costs involved in purchasing and obtaining the very important first home buyers loan. At Prohomeloan we operate in the Brisbane South area which includes Redland Bay, Browns Plains, Ipswich and all surrounding areas.

Phone George of Prohomeloan Solutions on 07 3287 1253 today or fill in the contact form.

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