Prohomeloan Solutions, Mortgage Professional in Beenleigh

I would like you to follow along as I introduce you to important facts and stories about home loans, purchasing property, the best way to get the highest valuation for your property when refinancing, that includes loans for purchasing income producing real estate, or raising money for any substantial purchase or investment, along with specialist lending for those that need a helping hand to get into a home of their own, but are having difficulty obtaining finance.

I have just saved a client $960.00 per month on his repayments, by refinancing his home and investment property with the best lender for his situation. This loan involved balancing each property to hold equal equity in each property with a cash out of $42,000.00 the total lend was $700,000.00.

You can look forward to doing the same Phone George of Prohomeloan Solutions in Beenleigh 07 3287 1253 or please fill in the Contact form.


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