How Much Can You Borrow?

Give yourself a bargaining advantage by discovering your borrowing power

Borrowing Calculator

Use our home loan calculator to find out approximately how much you can borrow, and loan repayments required.

Disclaimer: The formulas used to provide answers in these home loan calculator tables will provide close approximations of the 
real-life figures. They do not take into account such items as establishment or application fees, government charges and the like.

The amounts calculated should be regarded as indicative only. Check with PROHOMELOAN SOLUTIONS for final figures. Loan terms of up to 30 years apply to Pro Home Loan products.

How much will this cost me?

We focus on being totally upfront and transparent. This is an important question and there are a number of things to consider. There are costs involved in purchasing a property and obtaining a home loan (beyond the required loan repayments) that you may not have considered, including:

A possible application fee payable to the lender (bank or financial institution).

Insurance on your purchase. Lenders require an insurance cover note on the purchase at the time of contract.

Conveyancing costs – to transfer the property into your name.

Documentation and transfer duties do not apply to first home owners in Queensland.

We explain everything!

This may all sound daunting, but rest assured we will go through all of this with you during our first consultation. We take as long as we need to make sure you understand everything.

What are your fees?


Some Brokers charge a fee, but we don’t. In fact, we only get paid by the lender. when you take out a loan with us … it’s an added incentive for us to work really hard for you! If you’d like to know what that fee is, we’d be happy to let you know. Just ask.

What can a Mortgage Broker do for me?

A Mortgage Broker examines your financial situation, lifestyle and objectives and then researches what loan product would be ideal for you.

We do all the work… Our clients constantly tell us how easy the whole process was. We do all the legwork, research, paperwork and negotiation.

We will:

Advise you on what paperwork you need to provide

Advise you on any costs involved

Write and submit the loan for you

Work through any issues or queries with the Lender

Work through all the paperwork until settlement

So basically, from our initial meeting where we look at your situation and talk about your aims, we don’t stop until your loan is settled. We are with you each step of the way.

Questions you may have about applying for a home loan through us

I don’t have any savings, can you still help me?

Yes, we can work with you on a savings plan and help you on your way to saving your deposit before you apply for your loan. Note that you will need a deposit in order to obtain a loan.

For most Australians, owning a home is the cornerstone to future financial security. We’re here to help. Even if you have no savings, contact us today, and we will work on a realistic budget with you. We’ll calculate your borrowing power and put in place a clear plan for you to follow. Home ownership is possible – just ask us how.


We could tell you it’s because we go to the ends of the earth for our clients. Or that we’re professional, open and honest with a genuine desire to help people.

But maybe it’s better to read what our happy customers have to say about us. We have a long list of wonderful testimonials from our clients who have been thrilled with our service … just ask us for a copy or read some of the testimonials on our website.

Do you know what your home loan interest rate is?

A recent Australian survey of 900 first homeowners revealed that almost 1 in 3 didn’t know what their home loan interest rate was.

A recent survey found that only 13% of people expressed concern about their interest rate as opposed to 47% of people in 2011.

Call us and we will do a home loan check for you to make sure that you have the best possible rate and loan for you, have a look at our testimonials and see what we did for the Pou Family.

Why is this significant?

It seems to suggest people have ‘dropped’ their guard when it comes to their mortgage and the interest rate they are paying.

Maybe it’s just that people are depending on continued interest rate cuts and think this is saving them money anyway?

Never be complacent with your mortgage … there could be a better deal for you!

For most people, their home loan is their biggest financial commitment. With the cost of living, people are always looking for ways to save money – we haggle the boss to get a pay rise, we are always on the lookout for supermarket specials and we’re one of the first to line up at a sale!

Actually, you could save a lot more money by simply taking an interest in your home loan and the interest rate you are paying.

See what Prohomeloan Solutions did for the Pou Family

A cash rate cut is a sign for you to take action. Is your current home loan the best you can do? Are there any other features or totally different products that could be working better for you, potentially saving you thousands in the long run?

Too hard? Finance doesn’t interest you? Maybe you’re too busy…

Maybe you have the perception that there’s too much work involved to change Banks / Lenders.

Do I need to use a Mortgage Broker?

If you want to get the best deal, absolutely!

At Pro Home Loans, we have vast experience and knowledge of the home loan market and products. We keep up to date with the latest lending policies and trends and we’re familiar with a large range of lenders and their products.

We’ve spent many years helping a huge range of people find the perfect loan … often saving them significant amounts of money. Plus, getting us to do all the legwork frees you up to get on with your busy life.

And with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’ll work as hard for you as we would for ourselves in the same situation.

Here’s where we come in

Our service is free … we’ll do all the legwork and research, and in the end, you’ll have the best product available on the market for your needs. It’s that simple.

The potential savings could then be invested in an overseas holiday, more super contributions, or another investment. It just makes sense.

All it takes is one phone call….

Call George now: 1300 637 102 – it could be the best move you make.
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