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Home loans or loans to invest in property

As mortgage brokers, we offer a wide range of loans for people looking to purchase a block of land in metropolitan or rural areas, or a house and land package. We will advise you of an exceptional home and land loan that will work for you and your circumstances.

If you’d like to purchase a house and land package from a respected builder or developer, this loan is ideal for you.

Residential Land Loans / Vacant Land Loans

A land loan is a good way of starting your journey to home ownership!

There are a number of lenders that offer very good rates for Land Loans.

Buying a block of land? Then we’ll find the right land loan for you. And if down the track you decide to build on your land then talk to us about a house construction loan.

Looking at buying land?

We’ll get you the ideal Land Loan for your needs, whether you’re ready to build now, or just want to sit on the land for a few years.

PROHOMELOAN SOLUTIONS are mortgage brokers who cover southeast Queensland but we can help you buy land further afield too. We are based on the south side of Brisbane, so if you are located in and around Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ipswich or the Sunshine Coast we can meet with you in person to discuss your Land Loan or House and Land Loan requirements. Otherwise we can talk via phone or Skype, wherever in Australia you are located.

Buying land in the city – Residential Land Loan

This is for residential land in the city and metropolitan areas and does not include rural land such as farm land.

Are you buying residential land in the Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Beenleigh, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast metropolitan areas? Or further afield? Then phone us and our mortgage broker will find the best residential land loan for your situation.

A Vacant Land Loan is for land that is vacant only. This loan doesn’t allow for the construction of a home. If you’d like to build a house, you will need a house construction loan, but you can apply for a construction loan at a later date and we can arrange for you to combine your land and house construction loans into one loan.

There is a multiple stage process to follow for a construction loan that an experienced mortgage broker can help you with each step of the way from land purchase to completed home. Call us and we’ll help you avoid the various pitfalls of construction loans so you’ll be able to move into your newly constructed house sooner.

Buying land in the country – Rural Land Loan

Provides the finance required to purchase large acreage in rural areas. If you are using the property for business purposes, and you are relying on the income from the property to obtain finance, we’ll look at a suitable loan for this purpose.

House and land loan

We offer professional, FREE advice. Leave the best phone number to contact you on and expect a call within 24 hours!

Land and Construction Loan

If you are purchasing a block of land with the intention to build a house on it, you will need to apply for a Land and Construction Loan. There are specific loans available for the purchase of city/metropolitan land (Residential Land Loans) and land in the country (Rural Land Loans).

Note that some banks and lenders have restrictions on the amount of land that they will finance but a mortgage broker can direct you to a lender and loan that will suit your purposes.

Wherever you are in southeast Queensland, contact us and one of our mortgage brokers can help you find the best land and construction loan for you.

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