First Home Owners Grant for Established Homes

One thing that has come to my attention recently that not many first home owners know about   is that first home purchasers can obtain a State Government Grant of $15,000 for the purchase of an established home perhaps in an older inner location. Many young people don’t understand that a new home doesn’t necessarily mean something that has just recently or is in the process of being built, or is built from the ground up. An inner city suburban property  requiring substantial renovations increasing the height and liveable space underneath of the home, or foundation, structural and or non-structural renovations  such as altering walls floors and supporting walls and or repairing electrical wiring. In other words, if  you would like to renovate that inner suburban property, giving it your own personal  stamp, then we can help you find the right loan and if possible even access the first home owners grant.

Prohomeloan Solutions’ role is to obtain the best finance available for the purchase and renovation of your new home. And we will see you through the whole process providing the personalised financial service that you will need to make this a home of distinction for you to be proud of.

I will be happy to talk to you about this and enlighten you on this process.

Phone George of Prohomeloan Solutions on 07 3287 1253 today or fill in the contact form.

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