First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is exciting and is also one of the biggest financial decisions you may make in your life.

We specialise in finding the VERY BEST first home buyer LOAN that suits YOUR needs… not the banks.

We’ve helped hundreds of people purchase their first home by finding the right home loan for them. With us, it’s a straightforward, simple process that considers your lifestyle, financial situation and needs.

Know nothing about buying a home or the legal requirements? Not sure how to choose the right bank or finance provider or how to decide which loan is the best one for your circumstances, or even how to apply for a home loan? You don’t have to know it all! That’s where we come in. We do everything and guide you each step of the way. As Kylie, one of our clients, said, “We just had to pay certain people and sign a number of documents – it was all so easy!”

We will guide you every step of the way


On our first visit we will talk to about how to structure your home loan and get the best results
We start by collecting all your relevant information

    • We will need to clearly establish your income so we can assess your buying power
    • We will talk to you about how your parent may assist you in purchasing your first home
    • All your outgoings – all financial payments such as, credit cards, store cards, and car loans
    • We will talk to you about your previous financial history
    • Your deposit and how you achieved it
    • Lending calculators and how they work (we will demonstrate this to you)
    • How to structure your loan
    • First home owners and Stamp Duty Concessions
    • Low deposit loans
    • How to avoid lenders mortgage insurance or lower the cost
    • Lenders Mortgage Insurance and if it will apply to you
    • What you can do if you don’t have a deposit
    • We look at your best outcome and where you would like to live

How much money can I borrow to buy my home?

Use our home loan calculator to find out how much money you can borrow. This will give you an estimate of the loan amount you can borrow but please contact us and our mortage broker can provide you with a more accurate figure based on home loan amounts that specific banks and lenders can offer.

How much Deposit do I need?

Obviously, it’s better to have a bigger deposit when you are taking out a home loan – the more money you can save in advance of buying your house, the better off you will be.

Low deposit loans – what if I have saved a 5% deposit but no more, is that enough?

Great! That’s a start and as long as you can show a history of stable savings, income and employment and have a good credit record, you have a good chance of being able to get a low deposit loan.

With only 5% deposit when applying for your loan, we may have to organize Lenders Mortgage Insurance for your low deposit home loan, to buy your first home. We’ll go through options with you.

How do I prove my savings history?

An easy way to prove your savings history when applying for a home loan is to get together at least 3 months worth of bank statements showing regular deposits. You should also gather your rental statements showing 6 to 12 months rental history, or a letter from your real estate agent with details of rent paid.

What if I don’t have a 5% deposit?

We may be able to help you secure your home loan even if you don’t have a history of genuine savings by using a lender who will accept other forms of deposit, for example, using a tax return, a gift from a relative, or proceeds from the sale of goods.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the first home owners grant to make up the 5% deposit when applying for a home loan.

Facing financial challenges?

If you are facing financial challenges like a bad credit rating then we may be able to help you work to clean up your credit rating before starting the process of applying for a home loan. So, don’t give up on your dream to buy your first home and don’t jump your hurdles until you get to them!

We can help most people, so even if you have been knocked back by a bank don’t give up before speaking to us!

Leave your contact number and expect a call within 24 hours!


Use our Contact US form and our mortgage broker will contact you to discuss how we can help.

We’ll be with you every step of the way

Yes, amidst the excitement there are many things to consider when buying your first home. Don’t let all the details, the unfamiliar terminology, the documents and paperwork overwhelm you as we will help you through the entire process of applying for a home loan that will fit your situation – that’s what a mortgage broker does – we will find the right home loan for you and assist you with the whole loan application process so you can enjoy a stress free path from applying for a home loan to being granted the loan amount you require to buy your first home.

If you are in and around Brisbane, Beenleigh, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast then our local mortgage broker can come to you and meet you in person to explain your home loan options, the details of your loan, requirements of the lender and the home loan application process.

We help you to fill out the loan application as the process is electronic. What’s more is our service is free, so don’t worry about the details of choosing the right home loan and ensuring you get everything right on your own, talk to our mortgage broker, this is what we do

What areas do we service?

Based conveniently on the border of Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Western Corridor to Ipswich, Prohomeloan Solutions provides mortgage brokerage services throughout the metropolitan area.

At PROHOMELOAN SOLUTIONS – we’ll look after you.

We had a one year old baby and I was desperate for my own home, so I was quite upset by the situation. Then someone recommended George.

Dianne Nicholson

We moved a low doc loan paying 7+% to a full doc loan paying 5.19%, effectively saving us over $400 a month!

Linda Pou

When the house we were renting was taken off the market, George offered to look around for a house for us!

Kylie and Ben Olive
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